Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cookery, Chemistry and Rugby

A highlight for the students, teachers and tutors of Maths Camp is the delicious lunch cooked by Mamma Cecelia. Today Mamma Cecelia let us try cooking her famous dish of Kenyan beans.

The kitchen was warm and smokey and the pots were huge, but we learned plenty of Kenyan cooking skills and made a few tasty morsels.

Maths Camp has expanded to include some science subjects. Part of our teaching team includes some talented physics and chemistry teachers. This gives the students the opportunity to brush up on both their science and maths during their week off from school. It's especially encouraging that some of our past pupils have become tutors. They do an excellent job, and make a great contribution to the community.

Mombasa has a very skillful rugby team. They specialize in sevens rugby, with their speed and technique. Welland, one of our seasoned tutors, is an excellent player, and invited Cormac to their training session. The team was delighted to have an Irish player. It's exciting to learn how broadly the reputation of our rugby team has spread!

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