Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chapatis, Motion and Matrices

Every day we learn a bit more about Kenyan cooking by helping to make lunch for the teachers and students. The number of students attending has grown hugely, with more than 60 students in each of the four classes. It's mind-boggling how Mamma Cecelia and her team can cook for so many, with only a few pots! Today we learned how to roll chapati dough. It's quite difficult to spread the dough; it seems to want to stay in a spherical shape. A few of us had a go, and all of our concoctions roughly approximated circles.

After our kitchen adventure, Daljit took charge of the pot washing. There were only a few containers to clean, since all the food must be made in bulk. Only a giant dishwasher could handle those cooking implements!

The Form 4 class, who are in their final year, revised some physics and maths today. Ajay covered circular motion, with the help of Collins, one of our excellent Kenyan tutors. Cormac went through calculations with surds, and I worked on matrices. Again, we saw plenty of different approaches to the problems. A feature that stands out about our Kenyan students is how flexible and creative they are when they tackle maths problems. Rather than learning things off by heart, they demonstrate great understanding. This helps them to solve new problems, which will be very important on the day they sit their finals!

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