Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Algebra and Football

It's day three of Maths Camp, and the students are getting a lot more confident with their algebra. From Form 1 to Form 4, they were up doing examples at the blackboard. The atmosphere was very relaxed and encouraging, with the students helping each other along and even teaching us their methods of solving problems!

 Our staff room is incredibly spacious. It consists of a school desk and a vast courtyard. It's where we spend our breaks, recuperating and preparing for the next class, of course, :-).

There's a great mix of personalities in the classes. There are the bright and eager ones, who jot the problems down and work on them in earnest. There are also the happy jokey ones, who bring a distractably joyful element to our lessons. There the daydreamers too, who somehow see the romantic side of our equations.

The footballers take the chance to run around during all the breaks. They make footballs out of lots of interesting things they find, bound up with orange twine. Somehow it keeps the football together, despite their hardest kicks!

Gina, one of the SAAS directors, played a blinder with the algebra class today. It's difficult when more students show up every day, as the word spreads about the camp. Some students will have seen our revision classes, while the new ones will have forgotten some of their sums. We do our best to get everyone up to the same level, keeping the brightest ones challenged and the newest ones motivated!

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